Introduction to Atomic Layer Deposition

This course is designed to provide the student the basics of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). The initial portion of the course covers the fundamental concepts involved in ALD, and how it relates to CVD. This includes growth of single crystal semiconductors, amorphous oxides, and metallic conducting films. Following these reviews, we cover the topic of radical-enhanced ALD, and how it enables reduced temperature deposition processes. Next we offer a brief review of various types of ALD reactors. Finally, we discuss the application of ALD to other technologies than microelectronics.

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  • Introduction to thermal CVD, PECVD and ALD
  • ALD Fundamentals, mechanisms, and processes
  • ALD of Epitaxial Elemental Semiconductors
  • ALD of Epitaxial compound Semiconductors
  • Deposition of Amorphous Oxides and Nitrides by ALD
  • ALD of Other Oxides, Nitrides, and Multi-Layer Films
  • ALD of Conductive Elemental and Compound Metallic Films
  • Radical Enhanced ALD
  • ALD Reactors
  • Non Microelectronic Applications


  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Managers
  • Senior Technicians
  • Other technical personnel dealing with development of advanced thin-film deposition and manufacturing technologies

This course includes a course manual with color illustrations.

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