Introduction to Chemical Mechanical Planarization

This course is designed to provide a sound foundation in the fundamentals of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) used today in Integrated Circuit fabrication. Topics include CMP overview, CMP Business Environment, CMP consumables, CMP equipment, Post CMP Clean and the future of CMP. This course gives students in the industry an in-depth understanding of CMP issues and fabrication concepts. This course strives to offer industry specialists a broader understanding on how their job, service, or product affects the CMP process.

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  • CMP Overview
  • CMP Definition
  • CMP Metrics and Variables
  • CMP in the Fabrication of Integrated Circuits
  • Formation of Interconnect Structures
  • Planarization Goals
  • Examples of CMP Applications
  • CMP Advantages
  • CMP Challenges
  • CMP Defects

  • CMP Business Environment
  • Moores Law
  • Sematech Technology Nodes
  • Beyond 2D - Salvation of Moores Law?
  • Business Environment for IC Manufacturing
  • CMP Application Growth

  • CMP Consumables
  • Pad types, structure, properties, application
  • Effect of temperature on pad properties
  • Slurries types, applications, abrasives

  • Effect of shearing on slurry properties
  • Conditioner disks
  • Post CMP brushes
  • COO for CMP consumables
  • CMP consumable characterization:

  • CMP Equipment
  • Major types of the polishers
  • Process parameters and variables
  • Alternative CMP-eCMP
  • Special applications CMP (low-k & TSV)

  • Post CMP clean
  • Scrubbing
  • Mega sonic cleaning
  • Particle-surface interaction
  • Z potential, iso electric point

  • CMP Future


  • Employees who are new to the industry or those who work in industry and want a more in-depth knowledge of a specialty area will benefit by broadening their semiconductor CMP knowledge.
  • Production Personnel
  • Process Engineering
  • Field Service
  • Process Operators
  • R&M Technicians
  • Equipment Engineers
  • Quality and Product Engineers
  • Engineering
  • Tool and Material Vendors in Marketing and Sales
This course includes a CMP manual with numerous graphic color illustrations.

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