Introduction to Integrated Circuit Packaging and Assembly

This course addresses IC packaging, assembly, and package/substrate interconnections. It stresses the impact of the IC and end product requirements, i.e., “smaller, better, cheaper” and their influence on the manufacturing processes. Topics include area packaging - ball grid arrays and chip scale packages, stacked die packages, and the assembly technologies – Chip & Wire, Tape Automated Bonding, and Flip Chip package types. High Density Interconnect substrate manufacturing technologies including HDI Printed wiring boards are also discussed, as is emerging technologies namely, 3-D or through silicon via, and packages and packaging reliability issues.

The objectives of this course are to provide the students with a basic overview of the technologies, the materials, and processes involved in the packaging and assembly of the Integrated Circuit. This will allow them to make knowledge based decisions regarding implementation of appropriate technologies for their particular application. Students will also learn about reliability issues associated with assembly and packaging.

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  • IC Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Package / Substrate Interconnections
  • Impact of IC and end product requirements & their impact on the manufacturing process
  • In Packaging: Ball Grid Arrays
  • Chip Scale Packages
  • Stacked Die Packages
  • Assembly Technologies
  • Chip and Wire
  • Tape Automated Bonding
  • Flip Chip Package Types
  • High Density Interconnect substrate manufacturing technologies
  • HDI Printed Wiring Boards
  • Emerging Technologies


  • Device Engineers
  • Procurement
  • Tool Vendors
  • Product Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Support Personnel in Product Assurance
  • Entry Level Through Experienced Engineer
  • Product Engineering
  • Manufacturing
    • Individuals Directly or Indirectly Involved (or only interested) in Electronic Manufacturing

    This course includes a manual filled with color illustrations for each student.

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