Fundamentals of Photolithography

This course is designed to provide a sound foundation in the fundamentals of photolithography used today in integrated circuit fabrication. PTI offers a one day explanation of Photolithography to production and engineering personnel in the semiconductor industry. Topics include types of photoresists, photoresist application and issues, exposure fundamentals, light, optics, lenses, exposure methods, developing chemicals, and photo tools. This manual was written for the layperson. Color illustrations and "Plain English" explanations help the student understand the course material.

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July 9, 2014 ~ San Francisco, CA

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  • Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Process
  • Photoresist Application
  • Types of Photoresist
  • Exposure Fundamentals
  • 193nm Photo Processing
  • 13.5nm EUV Processing
  • Double Patterning
  • Exposure Methods
  • Light, Optics & Lenses
  • Photolithography Equipment
  • Develop Chemicals and Methods


  • Process Operators
  • R & M Technicians
  • Process Technicians
  • Equipment Engineers
  • Human Resources
  • Tool and Material Vendors

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Customer Service
  • Other personnel who would like an explanation of Photolithography

This course includes an Photolithography Manual with color illustrations and handouts for an Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart, and a Patterning Process Sheet.

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