Root Cause and Corrective Action (RCCA)

RCCA is a systematic closed loop process for identifying issues and associated causes that are contributing factors to key problems. The RCCA process facilitates concrete corrective actions in preventing reoccurrence, while promoting a team problem solving approach. You will also gain an effective “RCCA Agenda” to economically perform your RCCA sessions. The methodology is stream-lined approach to brainstorming and determining root cause for effective Corrective Action Planning.

This and and all other courses are available for On Site Training


  • An RCCA Overview which includes
  • Evangelizing RCCAs
  • Engaging
  • Initiating
  • Performing
  • Facilitation Agenda – Class Exercise
  • Problem Solving Process Improvement Model
  • Corrective Action Quality Tools
  • Incorporating your Process Control and Pareto Data
  • Documenting your RCCAs (Fact Sheets)
  • Root Cause Definitions


  • Technicians
  • Operations Staff
  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Scientists and Researchers
  • Managers and Directors

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