Fundamentals of MEMS Design and Fabrication

This introductory course is designed to educate people from any background on the exciting new technologies and markets being developed in MEMS. The course begins with basic fabrication technologies, including traditional methods and the latest techniques. Next is an explanation of the governing equations of these devices, where many things are different from macro-scale electromechanical systems. Fabrication and design are illustrated with examples of existing and future products in inertial sensors, optical fiber switching, displays, and sensor networks.

This and all other courses offered as On Site Training


  • MEMS Fabrication
  • Deposition, lithography, and etching
  • Surface micromachining
  • Bulk micromachining
  • Deep Reactive Ion Etching
  • MEMS design
  • Micromechanics and electrostatics
  • MEMS applications
  • Accelerometers and gyros
  • Pressure sensors
  • Micro optics
  • Fiber switches
  • Projection displays
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • CAD for MEMS
  • Finite elements, boundary elements, nodal analysis


  • Semiconductor Equipment Vendors
  • Process Engineers
  • CAD Engineers
  • PCB Designers
  • Computer Manufacturers
  • Game and Toy Designers
  • PCB Manufacturers
  • Fiber Optical Equipment Vendors and Engineers
  • Circuit Designers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Test Engineers

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