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Auger Electron Spectroscopy


Auger Electron Spectroscopy is used to determine the atoms present at a surface, their concentrations, their chemistry, and their lateral and depth distributions. This 2 day course offers each student to: Learn the principles of Auger electron spectroscopy (AES); Learn about optimizing the analysis of surfaces with Auger electron spectroscopy; Learn approaches for qualitative and quantitative analysis; Learn the types of problems that can be solved with AES; Know the latest developments in instrumentation. 

What the Course Covers:

· Introduction Terminology, Surfaces, Types of Surfaces · The Principles of AES Production of Auger electrons, peak labeling, ionization cross-sections, handbooks, books, backscattering, surface sensitivity, information depth, sample handling. · Qualitative Analysis Direct and derivative spectra, identification of elements, energy resolution, peak widths, chemical effects, plasmons, cross transitions, ion-excited Auger transitions. · Quantitative Analysis Auger intensities, sensitivity factors, detection limit, lineshapes, analyzer transmission, electron multiplier effects, matrix factors, average matrix sensitivity factors, diffraction, angle of incidence and emission, standard spectra, signal-to-noise. · Artifacts Ionization loss peaks, electron beam damage. · Instrumentation cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA), field emission electron source, hemispherical type analyzer (HSA), modes of operation, electron detection, pulse counting, other electron sources, vacuum system, samples, other types of analyzers, scattering in analyzers, energy scale calibration. · Imaging scanning electron microscopy, acceptance area, locating regions of interest, corrections for topography and backscattering, beam energy, spatial resolution, comparison of analyzers, electron energy loss (EELS) imaging, ratioed scatter diagrams, line scans. · Insulating samples – charge control methods, effects on images and spectra, use of low energy ion beam. 

Who Should Attend:

Scientists,technicians, and students who would like a detailed understanding of the use of Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) for surface analysis Engineers Technicians
Students who would like a detailed understanding of the use of Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) for surface analysis

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Price: $14,900 USD for up to 14 students