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This 1 day course  is designed to provide a sound foundation in the fundamentals of chemical vapor deposition) used today in integrated circuit fabrication.

Topics include chemical reactions and bonding, fundamentals of chemical vapor deposition, CVD dielectric films applications, CVD conducting films applications, basic CVD system architecture, APCVD systems, LPCVD systems, PECVD systems and CVD safety issues.

Introduction: basic MOS device and thin film deposition
Deposition and growth methods for thin films in IC fabrication.
Introduction to chemical vapor deposition (CVD).
Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (APCVD).
Other types of CVD (LPCVD, PECVD, HDPCVD, SACVD…).
Epitaxy (CVD or vapor phase epitaxy, molecular beam epitaxy).
SiO2, physical and chemical properties. Applications of SiO2

Thermal oxidation process, models for thick and thin oxides.
Oxide characteristics needed for gate oxides for MOSFETs.
Dry, wet and Cl oxidation, pros and cons for different applications
Temperature, furnace ambient, silicon doping concentration, silicon crystal orientation.

Oxidation furnace

Control of oxidation rate
Oxide uniformity

Overview of modern oxidation methods
Nitrides, GOI, Defects, metal contamination.

Applications of Epitaxy and LPCVD

SiH4, GeH4, B2H6, AsH3, and other precursors
Process matrix

Application of LPCVD Si3N4

Gaseous precursors
Low Temp Nitride
Stress, Defects, Process matrix

Poly and amorphous silicon LPCVD.
Process matrix. In-situ doping of polySi.

Introduction to evaporation.
Evaporation tools and issues, shadow evaporation.
Introduction to sputtering and DC plasma.
Sputtering yield, step coverage, film morphology.
Sputter deposition: reactive, RF, bias, magnetron, collimated, and ion beam
Atomic layer deposition (ALD).
Pulsed laser deposition (PLD).


Who Should Attend:

Process engineers, R&M technicians, equipment engineers, product engineers, sales and marketing personal in the tool industry. 

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