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This 2 day introductory course provides maintenance, equipment engineers, and technicians with a basic working knowledge of radio frequency (RF) technology as it is applied to semiconductor processing equipment. The role of RF in the various deposition processes, including sputter deposition and etching systems, is discussed. The characteristics and uses of various components that make up an RF system are described. The differences between resistive and reactive components are explained as well as the difference between series and parallel resonance. The course also covers tuning circuits, filter circuits, and the plasma chamber itself.

What the Course Covers:

 After completing the two-day seminar, the student will be able understand the basic fundamentals of plasma generation and applications. The student will be able to design and troubleshoot plasma systems, and understand the impact of plasma systems in semiconductor processing tools and how they affect the product.    

 ​Who Should Attend:

Anyone wanting an understanding of RF plasma generation


Next Schedule Date and Location:

Only offer at clients' site


 $13,900 USD for 14 students)

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