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Introduction to SEMICONDUCTOR Design & fabrication  f or Non-Techies (1 day)

To meet the projected worldwide demand for semiconductor devices, the semiconductor industry is demanding technical and nontechnical staff and personnel to be well versed in the key elements of IC fabrication and design. Students will learn how integrated circuits are designed and fabricated. Topics include electronic fundamentals, crystal growth and wafer types, transistor types such as (bipolar, nMOS, pMOS, CMOS, bi-CMOS, FitFet, Gate All Around transistors), high-k and low-k materials, Metal gates, basic design and layout concepts, mask making, wafer processing, materials used for fabricating the wafer, tools used for processing the wafer, contamination control, clean room standards, test, assembly, packaging and IC types. This course is designed for both non-technical and technical students.

This one-day seminar gives you a comprehensive overview of the semiconductor industry and technology. The course will give you the background you need to understand the basics of semiconductor devices, how they work, the processing technologies and the equipment used to produce them, and circuit design techniques. 

What the Course Covers:

Basic Electronic Concepts, Wafer Preparation, CMOS, BiPolar & Bi-CMOS, FinFets, GAA  Transistor Technologies, Wafer Types such as: Silicon, GaAs, Si-Germanium, SIC, SiN, Strained Silicon, SOI,  Circuit Design, Layout and EDA, Mask Making, Photolithography, EUV, Etching, Diffusion, Implant, ALD, CVD, Sputtering, Electro Plating, CMP, RTP, Oxidation, Wafer Probe, Materials Such as Copper, Cobalt, Low-K Dielectrics, High -K dielectrics, Assembly, Packaging, 3D Stacking, ,WLP, TSV, Testing, Clean Room Standards, Fab Equipment Used to Process Wafers, IC Circuits such as:  , Memories, DSP etc. , GPUs, Microprocessors

Who Should Attend:

Anyone wanting an understanding of basic semiconductor, design, processing and jargon

Next Schedule Date and Location:

March  18,,2024/ Webinar for American Attendees ( Starts at 9:30am Central time ($895 USD)

Will be using ZOOM platform

In Person Seminars

To be determine


Price:$995USD per person (10% discount if 3 or more students attend from the same event from the same company)

Seminar also can be conducted at your company site for $9,900 USD for up to 20 students and $295USD for each attendee over the first 20

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