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Digital Signaling Processing (DSP)


Introduction to Digital Signaling Processing (DSP)


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) underlies nearly all media applications. This course gives an introduction to the theory of DSP as well as an overview of DSP microprocessors and how they compare with general purpose processors.

What the Course Covers:

  • Introduction to Signal process and related terms
  • Introduction to time and frequency domains
  • Introduction to Convolution Sinusoids and Sampling
  • Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Concepts
  • Finite Precision Effects Quantization
  • Fast Fourier Analysis
  • Deep Dive on DSP architecture and what separates them from RISC processors
  • How is DSP software programming different from RISC software programming
  • Techniques for DSP code optimizations
  • Tools for DSP software development Applications for DSP

Who Should Attend:

Any one wanting  an understanding of DSP

Next Schedule Date and Location:

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Price: $8900 USD for up to 14 students