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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This 2 day course is designed for the semiconductor manufacturing employees to better understand SPC, control charts and the impact on quality and business.  The course will teach the basics of creating control charts, implementing them into production and appropriate action for out of control conditions. 

What the course covers:

Pre Test of SPC knowledge, Introduction to SPC and terms, Benefits of SPC manufacturing and impact to quality, Normal distributions and the bell curve, What is 6 Sigma, Cp, Cpk, Calculation of Sigma and determining control limits, Gage Capability – Team Exercise “Bean Counter”, Types of data (Variable, Attribute), Control charting of variable data and out of control conditions, Attribute data, binomial distributions and histograms (Brief Exercise – Coin Flip), Review and Final Test.

Students will gain a general knowledge of the Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodologies for semiconductor manufacturing. Students will learn the principles of SPC, how to implement SPC, how SPC increases quality, how SPC effectively monitors the production line and aids in production control.  The student will also learn how to read variable control charts, attribute control charts, how to set up a new SPC program, how to start initial data collection, make a control chart, how to interpret SPC control charts, standard chart patterns, and chart pattern interpretation



Who Should Attend:

The course level is introductory and non-technical. Some familiarity with manufacturing processes is helpful but not essential. The target audience includes fab operators, manufacturing operators, manufacturing supervisors, process engineers, process technicians, maintenance technicians, equipment engineers, quality control and assurance personnel, sales/marketing staff, customer service personnel, field service engineers, and technical support personnel. Everyone who is interested in understanding the fundamentals of Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods. Everyone who would like to know more about what their SPC software package is actually doing for them. 


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