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introduction to Verilog design

Hardware description languages (HDLs) use statements to define, simulate, synthesize and physical layout.Verilog is used as a HDL, can be used to design PALs ,ASICs and FPGAs. This course teaches the student how to use Verilog to design and simulate hardware. It begins by explaining the benefits of HDLs over other design entry methods, including its ability to model different levels of abstraction, its reusability, and documentability. Next, the syntax of the Verilog language is explained. 

What the Course Covers:

  • Introduction to System Verilog
  • Data Types
  •  System Verilog Data Types
  • Structures, Unions, and Arrays
  • Additional Operators in System Verilog
  • Procedural Statements and Flow Control
  • Functions, Tasks, and Packages
  • Interfaces
  • Packages types

Who Should Attend:

Any one wanting  an understanding of VERILOG Design

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