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The 5 day  Fundamentals of Mixed Signal Testing course is designed to provide the foundation of knowledge that is required for testing modern mixed signal devices using ATE equipment. Many engineers are intimidated when confronting mixed signal test for the first time. However, the percentage of VLSI and SOC devices containing analog functions, data converters, DSPs, and similar circuits continues to grow. No longer a specialty or niche, mixed signal technology has entered the mainstream.

The Course
The course introduces the instrumentation present in a Mixed Signal Test System, with emphasis on its Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capabilities. Ample time is spent explaining the mathematics necessary to fully understand signal sampling and waveform synthesis. Specifications for mixed signal devices are discussed and methods for verifying each individual parameter are explained in detail.
The testing of Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital converters is covered step by step, including device conditioning, filtering, signal acquisition, and DSP-based analysis. Analog filtering, grounding issues and noise effects are fundamental to all types of mixed signal circuits and are covered in detail. Practical aspects of test development and debug are also discussed. To insure that each student gains a complete understanding of the concepts presented, Soft Test has developed virtual test instrumentation used for lab exercises. The DSP Lab software runs on any Windows-based computer and provides actual “hands on” lab experience. The labs demonstrate the principles of sampling, Fourier series, sinusoidal waveforms, FFT/DFT/Inverse Fourier transforms, signal generation and other mixed signal testing concepts



Who Should Attend:

Test, Product and Applications Engineers, Engineering Managers and Sales Engineers have all benefited from this course – it is the logical follow-on to Soft Test’s Digital Test Technology class. In addition, Design, Verification, and DFT Engineers find these courses to be a valuable resource for bettering their understanding of the IC test process.

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