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Overview of Photolithography

This  1 day course is designed to provide a sound foundation in the fundamentals of photolithography used today in integrated circuit fabrication. 

Outline of Topics:

I. Introduction

Importance of photolithography in semiconductor manufacturing

II. Applications of Photolithography

Introduction to photolithography applications
Overview of the photolithography process in the semiconductor industry
Applications of photolithography in the manufacturing of electronic devices

III. Tool Architecture

Overview of photolithography tools
Components of a photolithography tools
Tool architecture and its importance in photolithography

IV. Types of Photolithography

Projection Alignment Lithography
Immersion Lithography
Lithography Steppers and Scanners
Extreme UV Lithography

V. Types of Photoresist

Positive and Negative Photoresist
Advantages and Disadvantages of Positive and Negative Photoresist
Applications of Photoresist

VI. Exposure and Development

Fundamentals of Light
Exposure systems and their applications in photolithography
Introduction to photo masks

VII. Optics Used in Photolithography Tools

Overview of Optics in Photolithography Tools
Types of Optics Used in Photolithography Tools

VIII. Photolithography Issues

Introduction to Photolithography Issues
Common Issues in Photolithography
Methods for Overcoming Photolithography Issues

IX. The Future of Lithography

The Current State of Lithography
The Future of Lithography
New Technologies in Lithography

X. Conclusion

Overview of the Photolithography Process
Importance of Photolithography in the Semiconductor Industry
Conclusion and Key Takeaways


Who Should Attend:

Employees new to the industry or those who have in-depth knowledge of a specialty area will benefit by broadening their semiconductor photolithography knowledge. tool vendors  who design, market and sale semiconductor tools, process and quality engineering, field service, process operators, equipment engineers and product engineers will find this course valuable.

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On-site Price: $10900 for the first 20 attendees and additional fee for each attendee over the first 20 of $295

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