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OVERVIEW of semiconductor manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing Overview Outline:

The purpose of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the semiconductor industry and the manufacturing process of an integrated circuit for new personnel entering the field or individuals looking for a well-rounded understanding of all the jargon, tools, and materials used in the process.

What the course covers:

Basic Electronics and Microelectronics Terms:

Definition of basic electronic terms and concepts
Overview of microelectronics and the role of integrated circuits

Define Process Nodes :

Explanation of process nodes and how they relate to device performance and cost

Device Physics and Transistor Operation

Understanding of the physical principles behind device operation and the functioning of transistors

Crystal Growth and Wafer Prep:Overview of crystal growth techniques used in semiconductor manufacturing
Explanation of wafer preparation techniques and materials used

FDSOI, Fin Fets, Gate all around (GAA) Transistors:

Explanation of these advanced transistor technologies and their impact on device performance

Circuit Design and Layout

Overview of circuit design and layout techniques and tools used in semiconductor manufacturing Mask Making:

Explanation of mask making techniques and materials used in lithography

Clean Rooms: Overview of clean room environments and their importance in semiconductor manufactu ring Lithographic Techniques: DUV, Immersion, EUV Explanation of various lithographic techniques used in semiconductor manufacturing Plasma and Wet Etch:

Overview of plasma and wet etch and cleaning processes used in semiconductor manufacturing Ion Implantation:Explanation of ion implantation techniques and their role in device fabrication

Overview of diffusion techniques used in semiconductor manufacturing RTP, CVD, ALD, ALE techniques and their impact on device performance

Electro-Plating, Sputtering,


Wire bonding

Packaging techniques such as stacking
die, Flip chip and, ChipLets

Metrology tools and applications

Who are the major players in the semiconductor ecosystem

Who Should Attend:

Any one wanting  an understanding of semiconductor manufacturing.

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