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OVERVIEW of semiconductor manufacturing

To stay current in this constant changing industry, a deep understanding is required of the new methods of semiconductor manufacturing. After completing this course, the student will have a complete understanding of current semiconductor manufacturing processes. The course covers device operation, crystal growth and various types of substrates such as Si, SiGe, FDSOI, GaAs. Discuss various types of transistors such as pMOS, nMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, CMOS and FinFets, GAA. How circuit design impacts fabrication, mask making, wafer processing, assembly, packaging and final test are also covered. Additional topics include wafer processing steps such as mask generation, lithography, (including EUV), Deposition (CVD, electro-plating, ALD, ALE, sputtering, oxidation, diffusion, implant, RTP, etching, TSV and wafer probe.


What the Course Covers:

Introduction to Basic Electronics and Microelectronics Terms, Define Process Nodes ,Device Physics and transistor operation, Crystal Growth and Wafer Prep,  FDSOI, Fin Fets, Gate all around (GAA) transitors, Circuit Design and Layout, Mask Making, clean rooms, lithographic techniques,  plasma and Wet Etch, Ion Implantation, diffusion, RTP, CVD, ALD, ALE, Electro-Plating, sputtering, CMP, wafer sort, wire bonding, bumping, packaging technology 3D stacking, TSV, wafer level packaging (WLP)

Who Should Attend:

Any one wanting  an understanding of semiconductor manufacturing

Next Schedule Dates , Locations for Webinars and Seminars​​

January 26-27, 2023/ Webinar for American Attendees ( Starts at 9:30am central time $995 USD) 
Will be using ZOOM platform

February 9-10, 2023/ Webinar for Asian Attendees (Starts at 9:30am CST Taiwan Time)
( $995 USD)
Will be using ZOOM platform​

February 16-17, 2023/ Webinar for European Attendees (Starts at 9am Munich, Germany time)
($995 USD)
Will be using ZOOM platform

​In Person Seminars Dates and locations:​​​​​​

February 1-2, 2023/ Austin, TX/ $1295 USD

February 23-24, 2023/ Chandler, AZ/ $1295 USD

March 21- 22, 2023/ Santa Clara, CA/ $1295 USD

​March 23-24, 2023/ Hillsboro, OR/ $1295 USD

​​July 10-11, 2023/ San Francisco, CA/ $1295 USD (During SEMICO West week)

Price:  $995 USD per person for webinar and $1295 for seminars (10% discount if 3 or more students attend the same event from the same company.

We can conduct at your company site for $12,900 USD for up to 20 students  (additional charges for applied for attendees over the first 20)