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testing rf wireless devices and fundamentals

In addition to testing Digital, Mixed Signal, and Memory circuitry many Test and Product Engineers are now faced with additional challenges: RF, Microwave and Wireless technology. This course is designed to explain RF components, specifications, and test methodologies to engineers involved with testing of RF circuits using Automated Test Equipment (ATE).  Like all Soft Test courses this RF course presents practical information, relating to test problems, test programs, and test equipment. The information presented will enable you to better understand how the various tests are implemented, the type of test hardware needed, and how to verify and trouble-shoot RF test results.

The Course
This course is designed for engineers new to the field of microwave. It enables engineers to quickly increase their understanding of microwave terminology, components and test. The course material includes pictures and diagrams to help explain microwave technology in a clear and simplified manner without the need of complex mathematics. Lecture subjects include RF Terminology, RF Components, RF Device Models, Transmission Line Theory, S-Parameters, Smith Charts, and of course RF Test Concepts and Test Hardware. For more details of what is included in the course, please see the attached Course Syllabus.


Who Should Attend:

Test and Product Engineers, Engineering Managers, Sales Engineers, Field Service Engineers and Technicians have all benefited from this course.


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