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All Videos are $45 USD plus shipping

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Silicon  Run Etch and CMP (37 minutes)

takes a close look at the etch process in semiconductor manufacturing, including chemical mechanical polish, or CMP. It shows how thin films of nonconductive, semiconductive, and conductive materials are sculpted into microchips.

Following the fabrication process of a CMOS transistor, SILICON RUN ETCH looks specifically at dielectric etch, silicon etch, and metal etch. It also explores the role of pressure, gas flows, RF power, temperature, and machine geometry within the plasma etch processes.




Silicon Run Implantation  (31 minutes)

takes a close look at the process of ion implantation. This video shows how ions are accelerated to high energies and directed into specific regions of the silicon substrate to change its molecular structure and alter its electrical properties.

SILICON RUN IMPLANTATION explores the various types of ion implanters used in IC fabrication. It also shows the role of energy, electrical potentials, beam analysis, ion acceleration, wafer scanning, and tilting in different ion implanters.



Silicon Run Deposition (31 minutes) 

uses 3D atomic animation and live manufacturing footage to provide a detailed close-up look at the process of thin film deposition in CMOS fabrication. It shows the chemical and physical reactions that create the dielectric and conductive layers of an integrated circuit.

SILICON RUN DEPOSITION examines the selection of raw materials according to the process and equipment to be used and the material’s ability to produce quality films with the desired properties. Also featured is the intricate role that temperature, time, pressure, and reactant concentrations all play at the atomic level. 


PTI offers several  Semiconductor videos  



Making the Micro Chip (55 minutes)

Making the Microchip is an overview of the semiconductor processing industry. This video course, based on training principles, provides a comprehensive view of the complex manufacturing steps using non-technical terminology and analogies. The most recent advances in IC manufacturing such as the use of copper, chemical mechanical planarization, multi-level metal and high and low-k dielectrics are addressed..

The video is a well rounded description of all the manufacturing steps, materials and tools used to manufacturing semiconductor devices.