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Vacuum Systems Operation and Diagnostics for Semiconductor Process

This 3 day course provides a practical, immediately usable knowledge of the techniques and methods for effective operation of vacuum systems used in the semiconductor fab. The attendee will first gain an understanding of the basics of vacuum; how gas behaves at low pressure, how vacuum levels are categorized, how the various units of pressure and flow are used and converted. A detailed understanding of the operation of common vacuum pumps, gauges, and other critical components is gained through animated graphics and hands-on demonstrations. Becoming familiar with a Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) and knowing how it is used to monitor and diagnose the system is a key benefit for the participant in this course. The attendee will also gain insights and awareness of issues related to process gas delivery by understanding gas box operation with a detailed review of pressure regulator and flow controller operation.   This course provides a basis for effective operation and maintenance of the system by addressing: cleaning and conditioning of vacuum components, the care and maintenance of pumps, determination of crossover pressure and interlocks, and a review of seals, fluids and greases. A major portion of the course is dedicated to diagnostic techniques for preventive maintenance and trouble-shooting. The attendee will understand the problems that water presents in both pumpdown from atmosphere and in outgassing. Techniques to ameliorate its harmful effects and those of other harmful contaminants are presented. In addition, methods for analyzing the system pump-down are discussed along with other monitoring and trouble-shooting techniques to evaluate system performance. The attendee will learn approaches for the detection and correction of system leaks, outgassing, and permeation. Through hands-on activities, this course will develop the attendee’s skill set to effectively prevent, predict, and diagnose system problems related to the vacuum environment. 

What the Course Covers:

Introduction to Vacuum 
Leak Detection and Correction                     Gas Flow and Pressure Regimes                                       
Vacuum Pumps                                                                 Troubleshooting
Vacuum Gauges 
Gas Box Operation and Flow Control          
Care and Maintenance of Pumps and Vacuum Systems
Cleaning and Conditioning of Vacuum Components and Systems Diagnosing and Solving Contamination Problems Operation of Vacuum Systems - crossover pressure, interlocks, safety, and documentation Evaluating System Performance (RGA, pump-down, and leak-up)


Who Should Attend:

R&M Technicians

Equipment Engineers

Process Techs


Next Schedule Date and Location:

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Class limited to 14 students ($14,900 for 14 students)

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