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Semiconductor Equipment Reliability & Maintainability:  Advanced Tool & Strategies

This is a 3 day course. 

​Best Practices for Equipment Suppliers to Drive High Reliability, Minimize Preventive Maintenance, Increase Profit and Surpass Customer Expectations, All at the Same Time

Course Covers:

Key Focus Areas:

Module Topic:

Corporate Goals / Strategies  

Offer Aggressive, yet Low-risk Warranty
Output and/or Line Yield Based More Advanced Tools

Data Analysis

  • Probabilities of Individual Failure Modes using Weibull
  • Identify Infant Mortality, Constant Rate and Wear-Out Modes​

Failure Analysis

  • ​Driven Objective Science-Based Causal Analysis
  • This Drives Further Data Collection/Analysis“
  • Expert-Opinion” not Overly Influential

Solution Generation

  • ​Complete Resolution & Problem Elimination
  • Solution Concepts Evaluated on “Elegance”, i.e. low cost and simplicity and no compromises
  • Based on Causal Analysis, utilize proven solution concepts based on design contradictions
  • Even Non-Experts Are Critical to Include
  • “Robust Decision Making” to Evaluated Concepts based on data and quality assumptions from diverse participants

Preventive Maintenance

  • Scrutinize all recommendations
  • Usage-Based and Cycle-Based Frequencies
  • PMs focused on Known Failure Modes
  • Current PM’s are Preventing which Failure Modes Effective use Predictive Maintenance, Where/When Called-For

Field Service / Spares

  • Spares Levels based on Individual Failure Mode Analysis Data
  • Spares Levels determined by Statistical Confidence


Who Should Attend:

  • Field Service Support
  • Process  Engineers
  • R&M Techs 
  • Equipment Engineers
  • Tool Design Engineers


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Only offer at clients' site


$23,900 for 14 students

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